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All-Natural Aromatherapy Rollers

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Auntie & Me's Sensational Aromatherapy!

Our rollers provide fresh and beautiful aromas of 5 different essential oil blends, with a gentle and handy applicator. Just pop one in your handbag, car or a bedside table to benefit from it wherever you may be.

  • Prime your wrists for a day of hard work with a rub of RELIEF. Stress relief aromas help re-adjust your thoughts and overall to center you.
  • CLARITY, this is our signature oil and brings a sense of calmness but focus to your life. Apply to temples, neck, & wrists! The Juniper and Fennel create a beautiful aroma while refocusing your thoughts and the Sandalwood notes bring a smile to your face. Plus, the small amount of peppermint oil brings a little tingle to applied areas and create a fresh feeling. Apply to pulse points before getting into the car and hitting traffic. Apply to the back of the neck before giving a speech to instill feelings of confidence. 
  • Use Sensual before a date to get those pheromones flowing.
  • Try using IMMUNE AID before you fly, hit the classroom or if it's cold season for EXTRA protection.
  • Apply our GERM FIGHTER to your hands to remove harmful germs.

Instructions:Rub Auntie & Me rollers onto your skin for best results! Apply to wrists, temples & all around neck and top of shoulders to help your body get the best out of the essential oils. 

Ingredients: 100% PURE essential OILS

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