Meet The Team

Annabell Catania

Founder | Survivor | Auntie | Educator | Maker | Owner of the prettiest tattas! |

Annabell pic

After her journey of successfully beating breast cancer, Annabell spent countless hours of research on the harmful risks of using Anti-Perspirants and Body Products filled with chemicals, on our bodies. Annabell decided, enough is enough, she wanted to be an advocate to people about these very serious ingredients, which lead to creation of Auntie & Me Beauty with a full line of All-natural beauty, mind and house products. 

Annabell's commitment to helping others is constantly pushing her to explore other ways of helping people. She is currently working with her doctor on creating a foundation that can help people who struggle with receiving treatment. More info coming in early 2019. Finally she is working on bring you a Youtube channel with all the helpful tips to help you stay feeling healthy and looking great! 

Brenda Kay Carrillo

Advisor | Graphic Designer | Artist | Trendsetter | 

Brenda, a San Diego native, brings her background in graphic design together with a long affinity for natural healthcare. Her first intention was to step in with logo design, but once she started using all the products, it was inevitable that she join the team, and become the biggest cheerleader ever. Now, she has a hand in most aspects of production and packaging, as well as the continued design needs of the company as it grows.