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Many deodorants designed to cover up body odor also contain an antiperspirant to stop sweat. Aluminum makes an effective anti-perspirant because it blocks the sweat glands in the underarm area, but it's TOXIC.

Natural deodorants don't contain any aluminum -- instead, they ward off unpleasant odor with plant-based ingredients and essential oils. Our deodorants fight odor-causing bacteria with essential oils & coconut oil instead of chemicals PLUS we use 100% Pure Shea Butter that acts like a wax in the way that it blocks sweats without the harmful chemicals and aluminum.

Some reports have associated aluminum with certain cancers, bone disease and impaired motor function. Aluminum can also ruin clothing, when it reacts with sweat, yellow stains may develop on the underarms of shirts. 
But, obviously clothing is replaceable but, YOU ARE NOT!
Stop supporting these massive companies that keep pushing these harmful chemicals in their products. Start using natural products that not only WORK but are CRUELTY FREE, PARABEN FREE, ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE FREE, VEGAN & ALL-NATURAL EVERYTIME. 



Aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine practice utilizing fragrant/aromatic essential oils that are derived from a wide variety of healing plants. When inhaled or applied to the skin, therapeutic-grade essential oils (also sometimes called volatile oils) have been shown to help people overcome various health problems without the need for medications. 


Here’s some facts about how essential oils work:

  • Plants contain certain beneficial chemicals as a means of protecting themselves, including to ward off insects and to defend themselves from bacteria or viruses.
  • The active ingredients within the oils are taken directly from high yields of medicinal plants or herbs through a process known as distillation, then mixed with alcohol to preserve their strength. The finished result is a very concentrated oily formula that can be mixed with other substances.
  • Because they’re very strong, essential oils used in aromatherapy practices are usually combined with a carrier oil, such almond, jojoba or coconut oil, before being applied directly to the skin.

Aromatherapy can be performed in several different ways:

  • Diffusing a combination of essential oils into the air (or just one single oil)
  • Inhaling oils through the nostrils directly off of a cloth or from the bottle. (Use our Sprays as an easy way to do this.)
  • Receiving massage therapyutilizing oils
  • Soaking in an oil-infused bath (like our DETOX Bath Blends)
  • Rubbing oils directly onto the skin-(Also something we offer in our Essential oil Rollers)

Essential oils used in aromatherapy include:

  • Herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano or peppermint
  • Leaves from eucalyptus plants
  • Grasses, such as lemongrass
  • Fennel seeds
  • Zest from fruits such as oranges, grapefruit or lemon
  • Flowers, including rose or geranium
  • Wood or bark from trees including cedar or pine
  • Roots from ginger
  • Resin from frankincense trees
  • And many more...


Lash serums are growth boosting formulas that stimulate lash growth. Our Natural Serum works on improving the health of the natural hair follicles. They are packed with conditioning peptides and fatty acids to stimulate and promote lash growth. When applied regularly, the lash serum extends the telogen phase of growth, lengthening the lash growth cycle. This will keep lashes stronger and thicker for longer.

Who should be using Our Natural Lash Serum and WHY?

While anyone can benefit from the use of our lash serum, we have found the formula to be especially helpful for anyone who has weak, short or brittle natural lashes. We also recommend the use of our serum to anyone who has experienced breakage or premature lash loss.
Our Serum can also benefit those who have found that their natural lashes have become more delicate or weak over time.

Why Use a Toner?

Proper facial skin care requires regular cleansing and moisturizing. 
However, facial toners also play an important role in assuring you have a healthy and clean facial appearance.
Skin toner should be incorporated into your daily skin-care regimen -- spray liberally over your face and neck and if you have trouble areas like your chest or back this can also be a HUGE benefit to balance your pH levels.
Toner also known as Tonic can be used after cleansing before makeup or after your makeup, throughout the day as needed. It's a wonderful way to spray away dirt and germs and refresh your face and neck!