Rosemary is one of the most powerful herbs and essential oils on the planet! Discourages hair loss & encourages hair growth, improves memory, liver boosting, & lowers cortisol!

Cancer fighting properties as well. Must have oil for sure!

*Studies have shown to help fight Cancer & Chemotherapy side effects as well!  

Events and Where to find Us!

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Meet Rosa Inciong in Silang Cavite, PH!

We are officially in the Philippines & this never could have happened without Rosa.

The LOVE for Natural began decades ago, for both Annabell (Founder) & Rosa Inciong (Philippines Founder/Partner). Much like their love for natural, their friendship took off the INSTANT they met, in their home state of Oregon.

Over the next decade Rosa became a resident of the Philippines, where she met her Filipino husband and had 3 beautiful children. After 19 years in the corporate world, 12 of which had taken place in the Philippines, it was time for a change. As a mother and lover of natural products, Auntie & Me Beauty was the perfect way to instigate the desired change.

There is so much beauty in the Philippines, however due to a lack of resources and finances, affordable options are limited when it comes to natural health, essential oils and overall natural beauty products. Rosa is excited to a part of this change and passionate in giving back to the country she has come to love so much, the country she proudly calls home. Auntie & Me Beauty has taken roots in the Philippines and is beginning to expand. We can be found at The Farm Shed in Santa Rosa, Mara’s new Organic Market in BGC (Bonifacio Global City) and other seasonal markets throughout the Metro Manila area.

We invite you all to come along with us in our journey to, “Bring natural to the Philippines!”

Rosa Inciong, Sister company co-owner of franchised, Auntie & Me Beauty in San Diego, California

How to Order if you are in the Philippines? Easy.

Just message Rosa on Instagram @auntieandmebeauty_ph or send her an email at:

Our Philippines sister company has an AMAZING selection to choose from and Rosa can make you a custom Blend or Build you the PERFECT gift bag for any occasion. Visit her at the local markets as well. If you FOLLOW her on IG you'll stay updated on events and locations throughout Metro Manila and Surrounding areas. 

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